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Virtual Datacenter

We offer you the opportunity to use the exact computing resources you need, when you need them. Should you want to outsource your entire IT in the long term or just use additional resources temporary to develop and test applications, Qloudwise vDC is the right solution! Read More >>


Use the exact number of mailboxes you need for your company and define the mailbox space and complementary services you need. From 2GB to 25GB, with or without archiving! Read More >>


Simplify the team work across your company and make your data available anywhere, anytime, with any device. Securely stored in our data center, your data will be synced constantly over the internet with all the users you want. Read More >>


With Qloudwise Backup, make sure you will never lose your data because of mishandling, system crash, viruses or malware attacks. Your data is encrypted and uploaded to our highly secure and available data center in Vienna, where it stands synced and ready for recovery. Read More >>


Leverage the advanced monitoring functionalities of Opsview to drastically increase the performances of your IT systems, regardless of their location. Dynamic, flexible and scalable, Qloudwise Monitoring enables you to solve issues even before end-users feel them. Read More >>


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