Qloudwise Monitoring

Qloudwise Monitoring powered by Opsview, the award-winning open source IT monitoring software, enables you to diagnose and manage your physical and virtual infrastructure due to central installation.

The complexity of the server layout has increased even further with the use of virtualization technologies and cloud. Such a dynamic environment requires a single, flexible monitoring solution that tracks changes. Qloudwise Monitoring offers monitoring for the industry's broadest range of operating systems. You do not need to familiarize with multiple server monitoring tools and switch between them. Together with the network, virtualization, enterprise applications and the cloud support, Qloudwise Monitoring provides an incomparable comprehensive coverage for your infrastructure.

Qloudwise Monitoring offers several deployment models: we can monitor your IT systems for you or you can monitor them by yourself (but still with our 24/7 support), whether they are in our cloud or at your premises. Choose the solution that best fits your needs!

10 Reasons to choose Qloudwise Monitoring

Qloudwise Monitoring gives complete visibility into your dynamic IT environment whether it’s virtualized or not, on-premise or in the Cloud.

Simple to install and configure. A clear interface delivers accurate information. It is easy to manage virtual servers by creating groups. Critical monitoring tasks can be automated.

Set thresholds to trigger alerts via email or our mobile app. SMS messaging to multiple networks, providing fault tolerance and enterprise resilience, is also supported.

Tens of thousands of business and operations teams around the world depend on Opsview to tame their IT systems, and contribute to the continual improve of the product.

Our compatibility with the widest range of vendors lets you choose the right technologies for your business: Microsoft, Linux/UNIX, Oracle, VMware, Cisco, Juniper, Dell, HP, Intel, 3Com, Avaya, Alcatel-Lucent and many more...

Qloudwise Monitoring scales with your needs thanks to its distributed model that spreads monitoring across many monitoring devices.

Qloudwise Monitoring has the ability to leverage slave nodes/clusters, which can be allocated hosts to monitor and then pass the information/results back to the Qloudwise Monitoring master.

Configure dynamic graphs, performance gauges, business process maps, event timelines and more, in seconds. Drag and drop any dashlet onto a new or an existing dashboard.

It is easy to check if your SLAs (availability, latency, etc.) are met through the user interface. Monitor Qloudwise, Amazon EC2, Slicehost, OpenStack, Eucalyptus and more...

As part of our Managed Services, our Service Desk is available 24/7 to help you solve any kind of issue. Our consultant won't let you down!