Qloudwise Virtual Data Center

Leverage the huge performance of a highly available and secure Data Center easily and without initial investment. Qloudwise delivers exactly the resources you need and helps you optimize costs...

Qloudwise virtual Data Center has been developed to offer organizations of all sizes and all sectors the opportunity to tailor their IT infrastructures exactly to their needs. You are provided with on demand computing power and storage capacity from our Austrian Data Center. Your data will be stored and processed exclusively in Austria, according to the Austrian data protection law. As regards security, we submit our Data Center to the most stringent safety regulations and maintain the highest security standards. Even the highest level of PCI (Payment Card Industry) certification is available for you with our cloud solution.

The Cloud infrastructure was developed together with the market leaders Cisco, EMC and VMware. Thus, the Qloudwise service relies on a flexible infrastructure consisting of virtual as well as dedicated servers associated with several storage levels that can be adapted to changing requirements. Finally, the integration of several Internet providers guarantees the high availability of the whole infrastructure through redundant Internet connections.

Qloudwise virtual Data Center offers you 2 different Service models:

10 Reasons to choose Qloudwise Virtual Data Center

Servers, storage, virtualization software, networks… This is all very expensive! Cut these costs with Qloudwise: you can leverage the best infrastructure without any initial investment.

Maintenance of hardware is expensive and time consuming. Strong technical knowledge is required as well. With Qloudwise, you save expenditure and time while relying on expertize of a specialist: Amaris.

Qloudwise is based on hardware and software from the market leaders Cisco, EMC and VMware. You therefore benefit from the highest performance as well as the highest compatibility with various services: Web and Database Servers, SharePoint, Exchange, Zimbra, SAP…

GHz, RAM, storage volume and class, bandwidth, IP addresses, firewall class and number of firewalls, DNS domains and queries, operating systems: you can suit every parameter to your needs. Service levels will thus always keep pace with your growth.

Our Data Center is located in Vienna and complies with the highest security standards: controlled entrance, first-class fire protection, redundant power supply with backup generators. Moreover, your data are protected by the Austrian Data Protection law and are stored and processed exclusively in Austria.

Nearly all OSs are available for you: Windows (XP / XP Pro, Vista, 7, 8, Server 2003, 2008, 2008 R2 and 2012), Linux / UNIX / Solaris (RHEL 2 up to 6, SUSE Enterprise 8 up to 11, Open Enterprise Server, CENTOS, Ubuntu Linux, Sun Solaris 8 up to 11). You can also mount and install your custom OS on request.

We are pleased to work together with you to rapidly integrate the solutions you developed in the cloud, so that you can offer them to your clients. Exactly as is our infrastructure, your solutions will be highly available, secure and scalable.

You can manage your virtual servers very easily thanks to a user-friendly web-interface. This interface enables you, among others, to activate and deactivate virtual servers, to distribute workload among VMs or to create snapshots for your backups.

Relieved of concerns about your IT, the subsequent maintenance or any possible disaster, you will finally be able to focus on your company’s core business.

Direct access to our helpdesk is included in our service. We will provide you with personal support in English and German on any kind of problems, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.