Qloudwise Veeam Cloud Connect

Qloudwise Veeam Cloud Connect powered by Veeam provides a cost-effective and simple way to store your existing Veeam backups securely at another location.

The Qloudwise Enterprise Platform provides with Qloudwise Veeam Cloud Connect a service to outsource your backups to our certified data centers. For you, this means no further costs for complex infrastructure structures at a further location, as all required resources are provided by us as a service for you. Thanks to the integrated WAN acceleration, the transmission of large amounts of data is no problem.

A long introduction to the new system is not required because your existing well-known Veeam Backup Console will be used where Veeam Cloud Connect is directly integrated. Enabling and registering with our Qloudwise Veeam Cloud Connect is easy via your Veeam console by selecting us as a service provider and entering your access credentials.

Qloudwise Veeam Cloud Connect is billed to you on a monthly basis based on the resources you use and can, of course, be extended or reduced at any time. The calculation is based on the number of virtual machines copied to our data centers as well as the reserved storage space.

10 Reasons to choose Qloudwise Veeam Cloud Connect

The encrypted data, secure Internet connection and storage in our highly available data center ensure maximum security. Only you have access to your data!

Qloudwise Veeam CloudConnect is a service. For monthly costs you get a secure backup solution. You do not need to buy hardware or software to back up your data.

Your data is transferred to an externally secure environment. This eliminates hazards such as e.g. Water or fire, which can occur with local tape or disk backups.

Qloudwise Veeam CloudConnect adapts to your needs and grows with your business. You only pay for the resources you really need.

In addition, Veeam CloudConnect provides disaster recovery opportunities. We can also activate this feature for you.

Thanks to the complete integration into your existing Veeam console, an introduction to a new surface is not necessary and thus saves you time.

With Qloudwise Veeam Cloud Connect, your data is always and immediately available. In case of a data loss you can restore your data in a few minutes.

Restoring data is simple and uncomplicated and is done through your Veeam console. In this process as well, the data is encrypted.

Integrated to your existing Veeam console, it's easy to keep track of the copied backups and their status.

Our Qloudwise products are subject to 100% of the Austrian Data Protection Act. Thus there is no uncertain legal situation due to cross-border data traffic to a service provider in a third country.