Qloudwise Mail

Qloudwise Mail powered by Microsoft Exchange the leading Solution for mission-critical e-mail, calendaring and collaboration....

The Qloudwise enterprise platform offers Qloudwise Mail, an around the clock available mailing infrastructure, to meet your e-mail needs. Qloudwise Mail relies on Microsoft Exchange, the leading next-generation e-mail and collaboration software. Regardless of whether you use the Outlook Web Access or an MAPI client - you always have access to all functions combined in one window. You are not only able to manage your e-mails from anywhere but also contacts, tasks, calendars and meetings of several people can centrally be organized and coordinated and are always up to date.

So stop wasting time by using different applications for these functions and start using Qloudwise Mail powered by Microsoft Exchange, the perfect communication solution for small and medium businesses.

Although you can configure your solution entirely with the features you want, we offer three preconfigured packages: Basic, Standard and Professional. The Standard Edition offers all the features a small or medium business needs to manage a. The Basic Edition, with less configuration options, is more adapted to universities. The Enterprise Edition contains also Online Archiving.