Qloudwise Backup

Qloudwise Backup, the Austrian solution for your data, offers a fully automatic backup, vaulting (secure online data storage off-site) and a quick restore which works with any internet connection.

Many organizations face the challenge of protecting important business data against virus threats, damaged hardware or human error. Qloudwise Backup is the solution to this challenge! With Qloudwise Backup, backing up data is possible both offline at your premises and online in our cloud. You can freely decide whether it should be backed up permanently or at certain times. In particular, the low administrative requirement is a convincing argument for Qloudwise backup.

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How does Qloudwise Backup work?

Your data will be encrypted and compressed directly on your computer / server. Only then will your data be sent via a secure internet connection (128 bit encrypted "https" connection - used by banks for e-banking) to our highly secure data center. This ensures that your data will already be unreadable when transferred over the internet. From this point you can directly access your data in the data center and retrieve destroyed data on demand.

Eventually, thanks to our data comparison technology, only the parts of a file that changed over the previous backed up version will be transferred. This increases transfer speed and saves network resources.

10 Reasons to choose Qloudwise Backup

Our Qloudwise Backup solution is “fire and forget” software. This means that the software is configured once and then runs automatically.

The encrypted data, the secured internet connection and the storage in our highly available data center provide maximum security. Only you have access to your data!

You can choose to back up your data in different versions. When you change a file the system will generate a new version. In this way you can restore also older versions of the file.

With Qloudwise Backup your data is always and immediately available. In case of data loss you can restore your data in minutes.

Qloudwise Backup is a service. You get a safe backup solution for a monthly fee. You don’t have to purchase hardware or software to protect your data.

Backups will be executed fully automatic based on a timer. You can define the schedule for each backup task separately

Group your client machines to ease management and manage your client backup configurations and client licenses from a central interface on your Web browser.

Your data will be transferred directly to an external protected environment. This eliminates the hazard of water or fire e.g. which can destroy tape or disk backups.

The Qloudwise Backup application sends you a status message after each backup, so you always keep your backup solution under control.

Restore your data easily in case of disaster thanks to multiple recovery points. You can initiate the restore job by yourself or ask us to. Again, data is encrypted during transfer for more security.