Qloudwise Qbox

Qloudwise Qbox is Amaris’ collaborative solution for Windows, Mac and Linux. With Qloudwise Qbox, simplify the team work across your company and make your data available anywhere, anytime, with any device.

Qloudwise Qbox is the professional answer to Dropbox and offers the highest security standards for your data. Amaris is an Austrian Cloud Services Provider, which means your data are protected by the Austrian Data Protection act and will never leave the country. Your data are stored and processed exclusively in our highly secure and available data center in Vienna. All data traffic is encrypted and web portal access is protected by password.

How does Qloudwise Qbox work?

Choose the data you want to share or simply make constantly available. The data will be encrypted, uploaded to our highly secure, reliable and available data center in Austria and synchronized with the users and devices you want. Every time a user modifies a synchronized document, it is updated on the server and Qloudwise Qbox will automatically create a history and archive of older files; all users sharing the file will see its new version in real-time. With Qloudwise Qbox, increase your teams’ work speed and efficiency, save time avoiding emails with attachments and save money avoiding printing documents.

10 Reasons to choose Qloudwise Qbox

Synchronize all the folders and files you want between your computers and our servers. Your data is constantly up-to-date and available for your teams and workgroups.

Wherever and whenever you need them, you can access to your files through the web application. On your computers, the desktop application will synchronize your files in the background.

Files are synchronized in real-time between all authorized users: coworkers can work together efficiently on documents stored on Qloudwise Qbox, without the need to send emails with attachments.

Centrally manage your client configurations, users, user permissions, folders, and files. Leverage monitoring to increase data security by configuring email and web reporting.

Qloudwise Qbox stands for your public cloud storage: thanks to it, you avoid the cost of buying storage, networks and servers to make your data available anywhere, anytime.

Encrypted data traffic, state-of-the-art data center watched 24/7, password-protected web access, Austrian Data Protection act, archiving… That is security!

Qloudwise Qbox runs on Windows, Mac and Linux, with the mobile applications also on iOS and Android, and on the Web browser on Blackberry, Windows Mobile and webOS.

Qloudwise Qbox creates an archive with file versions for more security: you can always go back to previous versions of your document. Choose the number of versions you want to save, from one (no archive) to infinite (no overwriting).

Your data are always accessible thanks to hybrid architecture (Peer-to-Peer, Client and Server). Even in case of power outage, a backup generator takes over.

Qloudwise Qbox transfers data in the fastest and most efficient way: only the parts of a file that changed are sent and LANs and other networks are leveraged to synchronize files over direct connections instead of the internet.